Jul 8, 2009


So far I have had a wonderful summer. The kind of summer that a girl could only hope for. In my pessimism, I thought 3 months off would be long and boring. Not so, my friend, not so. I started teaching summer school for a month. I did a unit on Mexico, we made pinatas, cupcakes, ojo de jios, paper piercings, ... you name it we crafted it, danced it, or tried it. We took field trips, and my favorite trip every year is the aquatic center. This year was more special because I got in the water and splashed around too, it was fun to just play again. I also rock climbed with the support of a 7 year old chanting "You can do it, don't quit" repeatedly as I climbed. Not necessarily a huge feat in an of itself, but it was for me. You see, I never, I repeat never have reached the top before rock climbing. So this was a feat, and my little cheerleader really did help keep me from quitting. My brother and his 3 toddlers came for a week, which was great. We went to Fantastic Caverns, a ride through cave, and I babysat the 3 wee ones for a couple days while mom and dad got away. My nephews and niece are 4, 3 and 2... ya (self explanatory). Loved seeing family in town. Also, we bought a house early May and have remodeled the guest bedroom and are in process of the bathroom remodel. I have enjoyed hanging out with my girlfriends and a weekend getaway with my husband. God has been good to me this summer, really good.

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