Jun 19, 2011

My new normal

Being a mother has changed me from the inside out, literally. Ten full months of anticipation culminated with a hearty cry from within the operating room at Cox hospital. Noah was born emergency cesarean because of his dropping heart rate. His head was positioned on top of my pelvic bone and labor was causing him distress. To God be all the glory, my son came out perfectly healthy. As a bonus, he is also incredibly handsome with a full head of hair (even on his ears), such a manly man. His arrival has literally turned our worlds upside down. I sleep less, a lot less. Travel anywhere feels like packing for a two week vacation. Things I thought were easy before, like taking a shower or cooking dinner, have now become quite a task. But I also smile more, a lot more. And I would rather be home rocking my baby than on any other adventure out there. His mere presence delights me. This wonder boy is all mine and when he smiles, I am enchanted. He knows my voice. He turns his head to watch me from across the room. He feels safe enough to fall asleep in my arms. I am in awe of him and the gift that he is. I am humbled to be his mom. Most days I am covered in spit up and drool and I am so thankful for the reason why. My new normal is a constant state of awe. I am in awe of all the ways Noah is growing and learning. I am in awe that my Maker would choose me to be his mother. I am in awe of how much my God must delight in my presence too. After all, I am His little girl.