Feb 12, 2009

Pimp my Valentine

These were to good to not share. I did a Valentine box contest at school. I awarded certificates for Most Unusual, Most Heartfelt, Most Glamorous, Most Masculine and Most Environmental. I had a box that had a working fan. When you touch the paper clip to the metal post, the fans begin to spin. His concept was that as the cards were dropped in, they would spray out the bottom. I had a boy who dressed up in a suit and created a box in his likeness. I had a pig made out of a 2 liter bottle and I had a remote control "love truck". This ain't your ordinary box my friend. Gone are the days of a simple paper covered box. Be inspired by my 9year old future artists. :)

Feb 10, 2009

Making His Day

This weekend was my husband's birthday. He told me I was in charge of all the plans and made me promise that no-one would sing him happy birthday. ( I myself love the sound of people singing to me loud and offkey.) But for some strange reason this is not a custom my Brazilian husband is fond of. So, I thought about his likes and dislikes and proceeded to plan. I decided we would go see his brother (his favorite person in the world, next to me of course). I also chose a nice historic Bed and Breakfast we could stay in. I knew he would like it because of the random farm animals that would be roaming the property and because of it was a certified historic building from 1840. I bought him a football highlight DVD and his first fishing pole. I made him his favorite cake, strawberry. I planned a weekend with him in mind. We went, and we both had a wonderful time. The innkeepers saw to it that we had all manner of luxury, including a three-course breakfast! We loved the hot-tub and we got to watch our nephew make his first basketball shot of the season.
While we were there, my brother-in-law took us to an Elk Park and a bird sanctuary. At the gift shop, I found a dinousaur egg that I knew one of my students would love. You see, Brian, is a special needs student and for his age, very short. He is aware of all of this and consequently has a low self esteem. Despite his struggle to read, he loves dinosaurs and his only goal in life is to be a paleontologist. I knew this egg, would make his day. I gave it to him today for no reason at all. I could tell I made his day. And by making his day, I made mine.