Mar 6, 2013

I didn't answer the phone today

Four people called me today. Normally, I would be thrilled to call all of them back and chat away. But the first question any person asks would have left me speechless. "How are you?" Well, today a check bounced, the gas tank is on E and my child has decided to try to do every-single-thing he is not supposed to do. On top of that, I made a small goof up and will face an awkward apology tomorrow. Because I cannot stand to be fake and simply say "Great, you" I just didn't answer the phone. It was as if saying all my troubles out loud would be reliving/admitting/fessing up to all of it. Minus the free will of my almost -two-year-old, the rest of my day, can be blamed on poor choices I made earlier. That is probably the worst part of it all. The only person I can blame stares blankly at me when I look in the mirror. No one to be mad at but myself. No one to give the silent treatment to, no one to be upset at. I suppose I could shake my fist at Wednesday, blame it on the calendar, but I won't. I will put on my big girl britches, dust myself off, and make better choices tomorrow. And on Thursday, the day I am not currently mad at, I will call all of you back. :)