Mar 28, 2012

Within Reach

I have the most adoring group of third grade students. They love to compliment and love to help. At the end of the day, they jump up and down with the eraser to erase all the work on the board. After school, I erased the date and a title which was at the very top of the board. It was above their reach and therefore left unerased. It made me think. Nothing in education should be above our students reach. My goal as an educator is to make material within their reach. I do not want information to be stressful or to be "above their heads". I will explain a math concept 5 different ways because only one way will make sense to some kids. It doesn't matter to me which way turns the light bulb on, I just want it to go on. :) Whenever you are teaching a child a new concept it is important to make sure you create an environment for success. And while I chuckle to myself because someday, those 9 year olds will outgrow me and that date on the board will no longer be out of reach- I also know that someday, they will think back on their year in my classroom. I hope that they feel that third grade was easy, because I made it within their reach.