Apr 12, 2009

The most powerful Easter service

"This is how it feels to be free, this is how it feels to know that I am forgiven." The music plays in the background and then something amazing happens. Grown men in suits come to the platform carrying signs, beautiful women come to the platform carrying signs. An older man held up a sign that said ALCOHOL ADDICTION- then he flipped it over and it read, SOBER SINCE MAY 2006 PRAISE GOD! A young woman held another sign MOLESTED BY MY UNCLE, LOST MY VIRGINITY TO FILL A VOID, flipped it over and it read, NOW JESUS FILLS THE VOID, a beautiful woman in her 50's held a sign FATHER AND DAUGHTER COMMITTED SUICIDE/ JESUS GIVES ME PEACE DAILY, and the names and the signs continued. Fancy dresses, fancy ties, carrying large signs displaying to a large church their former sin or struggle and more importantly, proclaiming that Jesus broke the chain. It was transparency like I have never seen in a lifetime of church attendance. Not only did they display their sin or struggle to an audience but they also proclaimed Jesus in the most effective way possible. The admitted their deep need for a Savior and by doing so, found common ground with every man, woman, boy and girl in the building. A pastor's wife held a sign SCARED TO SHOW MY FAITH/JESUS GAVE ME THE POWER TO BE BOLD. And next to her, a younger woman held a sign BECAUSE OF HER BOLDNESS I WAS SAVED JUNE 2007. Does it get any better than that? The Gospel at its purest is the good news. So here's my sign SEVERELY DEPRESSED AND SUICIDAL/CONFIDENT BECAUSE OF GOD'S EXTRAVAGANT LOVE. If God has turned your world around, I challenge you to share your sign with a comment below. Because it is only when we are transparent, can people truly see the power of our Amazing God. Thank you to the brave men and women of Seminole Baptist, MO.