Feb 7, 2012

Planning his first birthday

My son is turning one in April. I figure if I search for and gather ideas now, I'll be ready for his big day.
So here is my working idea list:
Centerpieces- A mason jar filled with a 1 candle and m and m's (See my pinterest, party ideas for pics)
Banner- A photo banner of pics of him from birth through 12 months
Food- I love the idea of turning cake balls into a larger shape
Decor- I want to cover an inside door with wrapping paper. Print the word ONE in several languages and add it to cardstock and patterned paper then add those words to the door. I think I will gift wrap my picture frames as well.........that or switch out the photos so it is a montage of my son. Hmmm... decisions, decisions
  Cookies and Milk Bar*** So doing this! With Alphabet cookies with the letter N and possibly number 1- need a good sugar cookie recipe
May do the wreath.... anyone know how long it will take?

Cookie Dough Dip**** I am in heaven!! .......maybe I should do a cookie monster theme???

Any suggestions are welcome! :)