Feb 10, 2009

Making His Day

This weekend was my husband's birthday. He told me I was in charge of all the plans and made me promise that no-one would sing him happy birthday. ( I myself love the sound of people singing to me loud and offkey.) But for some strange reason this is not a custom my Brazilian husband is fond of. So, I thought about his likes and dislikes and proceeded to plan. I decided we would go see his brother (his favorite person in the world, next to me of course). I also chose a nice historic Bed and Breakfast we could stay in. I knew he would like it because of the random farm animals that would be roaming the property and because of it was a certified historic building from 1840. I bought him a football highlight DVD and his first fishing pole. I made him his favorite cake, strawberry. I planned a weekend with him in mind. We went, and we both had a wonderful time. The innkeepers saw to it that we had all manner of luxury, including a three-course breakfast! We loved the hot-tub and we got to watch our nephew make his first basketball shot of the season.
While we were there, my brother-in-law took us to an Elk Park and a bird sanctuary. At the gift shop, I found a dinousaur egg that I knew one of my students would love. You see, Brian, is a special needs student and for his age, very short. He is aware of all of this and consequently has a low self esteem. Despite his struggle to read, he loves dinosaurs and his only goal in life is to be a paleontologist. I knew this egg, would make his day. I gave it to him today for no reason at all. I could tell I made his day. And by making his day, I made mine.


  1. Dear Heather,

    I enjoyed hearing about your EXCELLANT birthday plans for Chester. I am glad you both had a great time. I love what you wrote about your student. I know that he will cherish that dinosaur egg forever! I love the way you write and know that your students are truly blessed to have you as their teacher, as I am blessed to call you my sister and friend. I love you.

  2. My wife is the best. The best birthday I have ever had. Love it. Love you sweetie Thank you for all you do for me. love you always

  3. What a special birthday for your hubby!
    I hate the birthday song as well.
    That was very thoughtful to buy Brian that egg. Teachers have such an impact on their students.