Jan 18, 2009

Things Pondered

I read once, "Remembrance is the key to faith", and I agree wholeheartedly but I would add to that "Remembrance is the key to faith, love and friendship." I think back to when I first met my Jesus. I was 9 and at camp. I knew all about Him, but I really had never known Him until June 10, 1990. He sought after my heart, I believed completely He was who He said He was, and I was saved. I remember the moment I realized God loved me "as is". It was after I read "A ragamuffin gospel". I had never felt so liberated in my faith. I remember when I fell in love with Scripture, I remember the first time the Holy Spirit illuminated the Word. I felt so special that God himself would come and speak with me. I have fallen away and returned in my faith walk time and time again. It is remembrance that always brings me back. My Father has been so good and I have been so unworthy. I remember, and it always makes me smile.
My first year teaching, on the first day, I remember looking into the faces of all my new students, hoping I would not screw everything up. Now, as I look back at that class, I remember how I made it through all the unknowns that came my way. And remembering gives me hope, as I sometimes look at my new class wondering how I will ever get through to them. I prayed so hard for my first year's class to come to know my Jesus. This year, I saw answers to those prayers. One of my students came up to me this year and told me she got saved! Then a week later, a boy in my class this year came up to me and asked "Guess what I did this weekend?" "Caught a big fish?" I replied. "Nope, I got saved!" he responded with a big smile on his face. My husband and I were able to watch him get baptized the following Sunday. I had my students write a paper called "I have a dream" papers in honor of MLK day. Joey wrote " I have a dream to be a pastor. I dream to help little boys and girls understand more about God." I could not have been prouder. I wish I could tell you that all my memories are this pleasant. I also remember the day Sara told me " I didn't do my homework last night, cause our house was on fire. " I remember the time a parent told me she had no money to provide her daughter basic necessities like warmth and clothing. I remember a student in my class bring a knife to school and threatening to bomb it. I remember being heartbroken as I realized the affects of poverty on the faces of children I love dearly. Remembrance is truly the key to love. Because as I reflect, I remember why I love being a teacher. I love knowing, that no matter what chaos happens at home, my students are loved and prayed for in my classroom.
Remembrance is the key to friendship. I remember my friend Debbie on my wedding day. She filled in all the gaps and wore herself out, to make my day extra special. I remember my friend Katie and how many times she has patiently listened to my very long stories. I remember my friend Emma and all the times we have laughed at things that sometimes, just weren't funny. I remember my sister Amber and I shopping till our feet hurt and making cookies just to prove that our recipe was better. I remember the birthday party my husband threw for me. As I looked around the room, it was filled with people and memories that made me very thankful for the life I have been given. Someone once said "The happiest people on earth are the people who want the life they already have." By remembering, I am truly one happy girl.


  1. good to see you bloggin! beautiful post, sis. love you!

  2. I loved reading this. It is very good to remember the good and the bad :) I am working on a study from Lisa Welchel...My Story. It's really helped me to remember important events in my life and even talk to my mom and my adoption story. It's going to be great to look back at in the years to come. I am so sorry I missed your surprise party. The last couple of months have been so busy. We should get together sometime. I will truly enjoy reading your blog.

    Michelle Leigh

  3. Your students are truly blessed to have you as a teacher. You're quite the author, too! I enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. good blog. We are truly blessed aren't we?