May 5, 2012


Today I want to just be thankful. I want to remember today for days when discontentment tries to steal my joy. Should you be reading this list and think for a moment that my life is glamorous- please hear my heart- it's nowhere near glamorous, in fact, we're about broke at the moment. But we're happy anyway.

1. I have a very healthy, outgoing one year old who now weighs 20 pounds and is 30 inches long!
2. I have a husband whose love for me is unshakable. He is steady when I am a tornado of crazy at times.
3. We have a roof over our heads that we love to come home to.
4. We have a loyal, silly dog that reminds us daily to just be happy with the little things, like toast with peanut butter.
5. Noah's one year pics only cost us 10.00 due to a coupon!
6. Hubs took his watch in to have the scratches removed and they replaced it with a new one and gave him $3.00
7. I managed to walk away from Wal-mart only giving them 49.00 for groceries!! (This is half of my normal trips) (I don't coupon... we're just eating really cheap this week.)
8. Baby boy did outstanding with his one year shots. We were overjoyed because based on prior visits we were prepared for D-Day.
9. My classroom is all packed up! One HUGE thing off of my end of the year checklist. Now, I can plan for summer school.
10. My sister has a healthy baby in her belly and I am thrilled for her!!

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading! :) What are you thankful for today? And thank you Carly for asking such a great DQ today! 

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